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Cha Cha Matcha

date   15 . 12

pink saint laurent teddyI may be a little late on the Matcha train I Know, but I just had to share my first ever matcha experience lol

I must admit I am always a little reluctant when it comes to trying new things with food. While in NoLita I ran across this cute cafe Cha Cha Matcha on Broome St. The first thought that ran through my head was ” ooh this pink cafe would make a great background for a mini shoot”  As I was wearing my pink Saint Laurent teddy bomber . A little cheesy I know lol, but I felt  like it was my life-size Barbie playhouse and I could not help but to step inside. It also helped that the temperature dropped and I was in dire need of a warm beverage.

I walk in and instantly fell in love with the ambiance . It was such a chill vibe with a great music selection playing in the background. Now here is where it gets tricky… as I approach the counter with this confused look on my face, the young man behind the counter greeted me . Not knowing what to order as I have never had matcha anything before, he suggested I get a matcha latte with coconut milk.

So as I stand there feeling like a matcha pro I watch them whip up my latte. I head to the side counter and have a quick taste. “UGH! what did I just get myself into” was my first initial  thought. Now at this point I began adding everything sweet they had to offer. I added both honey and sugar, as the other people around me watched and giggled. I was trying to keep an open mind and give it a second try. To my surprise it wasn’t  bad at all, the coconut milk, honey and 10 packets of sugar really made a difference lol .What started out as quick photo opt , turned into a new thing. I’m not saying I’ll be whipping up matcha lattes in my kitchen but I can see a few green beverages in my future lol.

cha cha matcha

cha cha matcha

cha cha matcha

pink saint laurent

pink saint laurent


Jacket Saint Laurent | Skirt Zara (on sale)| Sweatshirt Vetements | Boots Prada

Photography | 1LensPorter

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