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Falconry excursions

date   24 . 09

Lets face it  I’m a city girl and I’m not too fond of getting up close and personal with wildlife . When I woke up in the morning I had no idea that I would be trailing through the woods toting hawks, falcons and eagles. So here’s how this  went…

I was having a talk with my Friend Tanyka Renee , yes the Tanyka Renee. You are probably familiar with her jet set IG profile, I don’t think there’s a place she hasn’t traveled or a risk she hasn’t taken. I’ve been feeling really uninspired lately and what started out as a venting creative talk turned into a dare-devil day for me. She explained to me that maybe if I got out of my day-to-day  surroundings and tried something new , it would spark a flame  . Oh boy was she right ! Within  an hour she confirmed  “We’re going on a falcon excursion” . I’m like falcon ? like the football team ? Excursion ? Needless to say she was not talking about the football team

Upon our arrival to Falconry ExcursionI felt like a fish out of water lol. No seriously . We were greeted by an African crowned eagle by the name of CANE , and I had no idea eagles could be that big. At this point I was sure I was only here for moral support because fear kicked in full throttle .

Then I met this guy his name is BOOGIE,  he’s an Eurasian eagle owl. Our guide Jim (who was amazing btw) thought it would be best to start off with boogie. I mean this bird had personality lol . He was actually a ring bearer in a wedding and he poses for the camera! That’s my type bird .  So here’s the girl who runs from pigeons on NYC streets (I mean they are kinda of gangster) now holding some of the most predatory birds in her hands.  At this point I was ready to go all in bring it on….

Then we have this little lady here. We named her runaway because she decided to take a little field trip without  the class lol.



This is Ray… like “ray of sunshine” She’s a lanner falcon


Ray flying in to give me a bird hug lol

At the end of the tour I felt accomplished .. I know that sounds so corny lol but seriously I really walked into this thinking the worst and almost let the fear stop me from this amazing experience . That’s when it hit me … that’s exactly what I do in my day-to-day life. Things aren’t always going to go as you may want or expect them to . Sometimes you have to step outside of your norm and get a bird’s eye view to see the bigger picture .

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