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Eye “Candy”

date   27 . 03


Often when you spend lots of time in front of a camera, you may tend to hear the phrase “smile with your eyes” more times than you can even remember. With the help of my sunglass collection, my eyes take somewhat of a break from all of the “smiling. For the past month I have been pretty absent from Instagram after catching pneumonia. I was what some would call being  out of commission for a few weeks, but I remained present on other social media platforms such as snap chat. I received quite a few inquires as to what type of lashes I wore in my snap chat videos, which trickled over to Instagram dm’s. I am in no way a beauty Guru lol…..

The lashes I wear most often are Lotus Lashes number 410(pictured above). I was first introduced to Lotus lashes by a make-up artist while getting a full “beat”. While I don’t wear a full face of make up everyday , I did love the way the lashes looked even without  having a full face of makeup on . The lashes kind of do all the “smiling” for me lol. Not to mention they are reusable, and I am all for getting a bang for my buck. So I went ahead and attempted to purchase, to my surprise they were sold out! So I had no choice but to step out of my 410 comfort zone and try other lashes until my babies were back in stock. So now I have 3 favorites number 45’s which are also wispy , number 7’s which give a more dramatic look, and of course my number 410’s. So there you have it ladies.



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