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The Perfect Denim

date   10 . 05

paige denim

So there you are in front of the fitting room mirror standing on the tip of your toes and everything seems perfect. You say to yourself “I think these may be my new favorite pair of jeans” as you ballerina twirl to catch a glimpse from another angle.

That was the exact feeling I felt when I tried on my Paige Denim Lou Lou jeans. Your denim should feel like a second skin, nice yet comfortable. I know some of you are thinking ” Buying denim isn’t rocket science”. While it may not be rocket science your denim will most likely be one of your most-worn items in your wardrobe, so why not put a little effort into finding the right pair?

I’m sure a few of us have been here before. You purchase a pair of denim jeans and after one or two wears they no longer fit the same as the day you stood in that fitting room mirror. Maybe the waist stretched just a little, or they no longer hug your hips they way that they used to. The favorite pair slowly turns into the not so favorite pair, and you find yourself back to square one.

Two things that I look for when searching for the perfect fit, are stretch and structure. You want your denim to have the right amount of stretch, but not so much where the denim will eventually lose its shape. You also want your denim to have a decent amount of structure but not to the point of stiffness. The ultimate goal is to find a pair of jeans that will both look and feel good. Flattering but not constricting.

So its safe to say that my Paige Denim has definitely made it to my favorites list. Paired with both my Hanro camisole and Toga Cardigan. Who would have known a pair of jeans could be as comfortable as your favorite pair of sweats lol.


paige denim

paige denim

toga sweater

paige denim

paige denim

toga sweater

paige denim

Cardigan Toga|Jeans Paige Denim|Camisole Hanro|Shoes Christian Louboutin|
Photography | FallApartMike

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  • Sandy

    I love this post, so chic, so effortless..great style. Every girl wants that perfect pair of denim that fits just right .


    Love the sweater😍😍😍😍

  • Just found your blog, you have an amazing style !

    • simplicityxstyle

      Thank you for reading Agnes I appreciate your support


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