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Ok ladies… and gents lol , Its time for another giveaway….. View more

Every now and then while making my routine stop at the magazine rack, I grab a copy of the latest Architectural Digest along with my usual fashion magazines.

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Coachella in Spirit

date   03 . 05

SAINT LAURENT BOMBERWith the Coachella music festival coming to a close the last weekend of April , unfortunately I was not able to attend. None the less that didn’t stop me from living vicariously through my social media outlets and feeling the Coachella spirit…

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miu miu

It’s no secret that many of my inspirations come from the earlier eras. I am not only a fan of the fashion of these bygone eras, but the art and music as well (I have my grandparents to thank for this).While strolling through  the west village section of NYC I decided to channel my inner 1970’s fashion bug. The 70’s being know for its high-waist garments, bright coloured textiles and clothing designs with embroidered details. Last but not least, we can not forget platform shoes!

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self-portrait dress

It’s no secret that the lace trend has been around for a very long time, and is still going strong. Most people would associate the lace dress with weddings or formal events, but in today’s fashion there are more ways than ever to wear your lace. View more



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