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Gucci GhostBuster

date   19 . 10

gucci ghostNo proton pack or ghost traps . By no means am I trying to banish the Gucci ghost or poltergeist…

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missoni resort 17To think as I got prepared to attend the FrontRow SS17 show I almost decided to wear a black dress and keep it as simple as possible . That was until my inner Diana Ross arriving at Studio 54 spoke to me….. View more


FrontRow NYFW SS17

date   17 . 09

FrontRow SS17

With fashion week at its end, I had the pleasure of getting a front row view of designer Shateria Moragne-EL FrontRow SS17 collection. Lets talk about Tomboy chic realness…… View more

Ok ladies… and gents lol , Its time for another giveaway….. View more

Every now and then while making my routine stop at the magazine rack, I grab a copy of the latest Architectural Digest along with my usual fashion magazines.

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